In Memoriam: Petra

On October 28, 2022, we said our sad goodbyes to beautiful Petra. 

Petra loved hanging out with her rescued friends, exploring her home, and most of all, being free.

In November 2020, Petra was rescued from a CSA farm (community-supported agriculture) along with 18 other hens. She was estimated to be 2-4 years old at the time of her rescue, and was going to be killed with 250 others due to her diminishing egg production. 

Petra arrived at Luvin Arms scared, hungry, and in poor condition. 

Over time though, Petra grew stronger and healthier while living her life in a loving and compassionate environment. Soon enough, she became an ambassador for her species, telling her story about the egg industry. Like dairy, the egg industry isn’t harm-free for the animals; they are always slaughtered once they can no longer produce “product.” By sharing her story, Petra helped thousands of others who don’t get rescued. 

Because of the inhumane practices of the egg industry, Petra had serious lifelong health issues that most likely shortened her precious life. Although her time with us was far too fleeting, we are grateful for the two years we spent with Petra, showering her with the loving attention that she so deserved. 

Even at the end of her life, Petra just wanted to be with her flock, a sign of the strong connections all beings form with each other when given the opportunity to thrive.

Please enjoy some memories of Petra below, and join in on the conversation in the comments section:

“Petra, may you rest peacefully now and fly freely”

-Shartrina White

Executive Director

“Petra was a super sweet and shy girl. She went through a lot during her life. She was part of Ody’s flock (Ody passed away last winter), and then she was first put in Malu’s flock, who wasn’t nice to her and her sisters. We then tried Rudy’s flock, and he welcomed Petra and her sisters into his family. She loved snack time, especially scratch. She would spend the day close to her sisters, and loved to be in the sun and have a good dirt bath. I’m glad she got to spend her last few years on earth with us – she really was happy here.”

-Madeline Schefke

Animal Care Team Lead

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