In Celebration of a Life Well Lived: Eli the Duck

With heavy hearts, we said our final goodbyes to Eli the rescued duck on April 27th, 2023. Read his story below, and join the conversation by sharing your stories with us in the comments section. 

Eli and his best friend Evan were anonymously left on the front porch of two of our volunteers. They fostered Eli and Evan, caring for them while we were building the Sanctuary at its current location. Eli and Evan were two of the first residents to live at 3470 County Road 7 in Erie, CO.

The two were inseparable, exploring their home together and splashing around in their pool each day. 

Here are some fond memories from two of his caregivers, those who knew him the best:

From Jolene Wells, Resident Care Director:

“Eli was just the sweetest boy! He loved spending time in the pond with Evan – even though they fought sometimes because they were like brothers. They adored each other, and my heart is hurting for Evan right now….

When we would medicate Eli, Evan would run up and try to bite and push us away from him. He was looking out for his friend. They loved to sleep next to each other in their hotel, and they always looked like they were getting into trouble whenever you’d go visit them. Sneaky boys! We will miss him dearly, but I know Evan will miss him the most.”

From Madeline Schefke, Resident Care Manager, a love note to Eli:

“I will miss you so much, Eli! You were so smart – you and Evan knew what ‘bedtime’ meant, and would slowly make your way to your room. You were so gentle and kind, and I’m lucky I got to see the bond you and Evan had. It was really special. Thank you for being my friend, and for letting me take care of you. We will watch over Evan for you. I’ll love you forever.”

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