Gelato: From Dairy Farm Worker to Quality Retirement

We are excited to announce that Gelato the rescued goat is our Resident of the Month for February. Please read her beautiful story below, and consider gifting her with sponsorship this month. And don’t miss her video HERE!

Gelato and Eno at Luvin Arms

Gelato and her dear friend Eno hail from a dairy farm in North Carolina. Because of their advanced age, the girls could no longer produce milk for the dairy operation and were going to be sent to slaughter. After working for the farm producing children and milk for years, the owners were prepared to simply discard Gelato (now 10 years old) and Eno (now 12 years old), which sadly is a common practice at dairy farms once female goats reach a certain age and their milk production begins to decline.

Gelato’s Roadtrip to Colorado with BFF Eno

Luvin Arms Care Team Manager Jolene Wells, who knew Gelato and Eno when she lived in NC, was informed of their pending fate in September of 2021, and made arrangements to fly to North Carolina and drive both goats back to Colorado to live at Luvin Arms.

Jolene with Gelato and Eno
Jolene with Gelato and Eno, September 2021

Hear from Jolene:

“Goats have always held a very special place in my heart. I grew up in a small town in North Carolina, and had goats when I was a kid. I started working on a small goat dairy in North Carolina where I met many different goats, and got to know them each as individuals. This is where I met Eno and Gelato. They are both intelligent, unique, and special girls! I was notified that they were heading to slaughter after miscarriages, and I knew that I had to rescue them.” 

How often does our older human population feel invisible, unviable? In fact, our elders are the cornerstone of society, passing on wisdom from hard earned real-life experience to younger generations. Just like Gelato and Eno, all retired individuals still have much to offer the world.

Gelato Retires at Luvin Arms

Since arriving at her forever safe home, Gelato has become an integral part of the Luvin Arms family. She participates on Sanctuary tours where we share her story about surviving the dairy industry, opening hearts and minds about the plight of goats living on dairy farms. 

Sanctuary guests experience Gelato’s laid back and loving personality. Along with our other goat matriarchs Eno and Arya, Gelato teaches all of us about forgiveness and how to live life to the fullest, especially in retirement. 

She even shows our youngest goat residents, Bonzo and Lenny, how to play safely. 

She does enjoy her sweet downtime, soaking up the sun’s rays. (And she has absolutely earned it!)

Your vital gift of sponsorship will provide Gelato with her lifelong care, including warm bedding, nutritious food, and important medical needs as she ages in place at Luvin Arms. Please sponsor Gelato today!

And Don’t Miss It: Gelato is hosting her very own Valentine Party on Sunday February 12th! Join us at Luvin Arms as together we celebrate love, connection, and the precious gift of an open heart.

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