Domino resting

Farewell to our Beloved Domino

It is with a heavy collective heart that the Luvin Arms community said our final goodbye to Domino on Friday, January 6th. Please gather with us at the Sanctuary on Sunday, January 8th at noon as we honor Domi (and Charlie too), and the endless joy they both brought to our community.

Domi or Dom (as he was lovingly called) arrived at Luvin Arms in 2017 along with his best friends, Milo and Leroy Brown. These three young boys were being kept malnourished alongside over 1,000 other farmed animals in a crowded, unsanitary farm outside of Boston. The farm had been reported multiple times for the cruelty endured by the animals kept there.

Many of the animals on the farm were already dead, or were malnourished and very sick. Thankfully, under pressure from the ASPCA, the animals on this farm were all rescued in what was one of the largest farmed animal rescues to date. 

Milo, Leroy, Domino

At Luvin Arms, the young cow-boys found peace at last. The three became Luvin Arms’ first cow residents. All three thrived in their own unique ways. Domi established his boundaries with humans early on – the trauma he suffered as a young individual had a long-lasting imprint on his ability to trust human beings. We all respected his need for personal space. It was his right at Luvin Arms to feel safe and seen. We loved him from afar, and we felt his love in return all the way from across the pasture.

Over the years, our cow herd grew and so did Domi! At 6 feet tall and over 2,600 pounds, Domi was by far our largest resident. His iconic stature had an awe-inspiring impact on everyone who met him.

In a way, Domi became the face of Luvin Arms’ mission: to educate the community about individuals who are bred for profit, and to open minds and hearts about their plight. Because individuals in the animal agricultural industry are bred to grow very large, very quickly, many of our elderly residents live with crippling pain today.

The Luvin Arms Animal Care Team lovingly supported Domi with his pain management protocols throughout much of his life. 

“We loved him more than words. Our big, sweet Domino had been the backbone of the cow herd and a grandpa to everyone. He liked his distance from people, but loved taking care of his herd.” -Jolene Wells, Animal Care Manager

“Domino’s family was his everything. I really think his purpose in life was to be a protector. He made it his priority to make sure the whole herd was happy. And even though he won’t be physically there to protect his herd, he will always be with them, just in a different way. 

Domino had a heart full of love. He taught Laxmi many lessons, including where the best places to sun bathe are. 

Domi got special snacks with his meds, and he wouldn’t let anyone else share his snack besides Devi, Laxmi’s mom. They loved each other so much. 

Domino loved special snacks – his favorite had to be romaine lettuce! He could eat a whole head of lettuce in one bite. 

If anyone got the chance to pet Domino, his hair was so soft, like a big teddy bear. It felt different than all the other cows’ hair. 

His size set him apart from any other resident here. He was always apprehensive about humans because of his past. Although since being here, I saw him open up more and let people in his life, which was so beautiful to see. Everyday when I got into work, Domino was always there with those big beautiful eyes, watching what I was doing and asking for his hay with his moo-less moo. 

I’m so honored to have been able to take care of Domino. I will always remember the moments building trust with him, and learning lessons from him along the way. The rest of the herd, and all of us humans, are going to miss him so much. He was such an amazing boy with a huge heart, and he will forever be missed by everyone.” – Madeline Schefke, Animal Care Lead

Domi now joins his dear friend, Leroy Brown, as two of the brightest stars in the night sky.

Consider sharing your own personal stories of Domi in the comments section below.

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