Cheerio with Janelle

Enrichment at Luvin Arms

Enrichment: the act of enhancing the quality of life

Did you know that enrichment is embedded in the daily care of our animal residents at Luvin Arms?

The Enrichment Program has been monumental for our residents over the winter months. When the temperatures drop and the snow falls, we strive to provide stimulation to distract the residents from the not-so-desirable conditions outside.

Just like humans, our residents (and all animals) require this stimulus to improve their overall mental and emotional wellbeing.

The Enrichment Program also provides our residents opportunities to learn important skills that support their daily care (like hoof trimming), and to connect and build trusting relationships with humans.

Gelato and Bonzo with Jenny

Our feathered friends are becoming quite skilled in clicker play. Over the winter, Cricket, Po, Ishmael, and a number of other bird residents have learned to voluntarily step on a weight scale, jump, and spin.

In the Big Barn, our sheep friends Huckleberry (formerly Hershey), Jared, Maxine, Shy, and Cheerio (pictured here) have been working on voluntary hoof lifts to make their hoof trims a more comfortable experience.

Our cows Tito, Milo, and Devi and their volunteers are focusing on something similar, learning to rest their legs on a hoof stand so they are more relaxed when our care staff trims their hooves.

All enrichment tasks are tailored to each resident, highlighting their individuality and intelligence.


Giving them an opportunity to live their life to the fullest by expressing their personality is a crucial part of the quality care we seek to provide every animal who calls Luvin Arms their home.

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