Cricket, Rescued Chicken

Cricket the Rescued Chicken: From Traumatic Beginnings to a Life of Peace at Luvin Arms

Meet Cricket, our Resident of the Month in March. Please read her story below, and consider gifting her with sponsorship.

Cricket was Attacked in her Backyard Coop

Cricket came to call Luvin Arms her forever home in December of 2021. Originally, Cricket and her friends, Cailin and Po, lived in a Boulder backyard chicken coop. When their coop was attacked by a predator, Cricket was seriously injured. By the time the three girls arrived at Luvin Arms, they were all extremely traumatized by the incident.

Cricket when she first arrived at Luvin Arms
Cricket when she first arrived at Luvin Arms

Cricket was Rescued and Rehabilitated at Luvin Arms

Over time, Cricket’s physical and emotional injuries began to heal. She and Po now have a dear friend in Mushu the rescued rooster, while Cailin, who is visually impaired, moved in with Jade the blind turkey. These new connections and optimal healing care have led to the best possible lives for Cricket and her friends.

Mushu, Po, Cricket
Mushu, Po, and Cricket

DID YOU KNOW: Backyard chickens have become more and more popular over the years. Many people like the idea of having easy access to fresh eggs. However, it is generally impossible to distinguish the gender of newborn chickens, the age when many people purchase chickens. Most cities do not permit roosters in backyard coops due to noise ordinances. As baby chicks grow into roosters, people are forced to drop them off at overwhelmed shelters that may not be equipped for chickens, or just abandon them. In the end, having backyard chickens isn’t the most humane homesteading hobby for birds.

Cricket and her Friends Need Enrichment

At Luvin Arms, we strive to give all our residents comprehensive care, which positively impacts their physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. Mammals and birds alike need enrichment to live fulfilling lives. Your gift of sponsorship will provide Cricket with everything she needs to live her best life, including enrichment opportunities during these colder months when her outdoor time can be limited. 

Thank you for considering sponsoring Cricket today, and check out her video too!

Cricket with her flock

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