Community Enrichment Day

Come on out to Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary (3470 County Rd 7, Erie, CO 80516) on May 18th from 11a – 3p to discover and learn all about our clicker play and enrichment program! Space is limited – please register below.

What is clicker play? Clicker play is a type of communication that we use every day at the sanctuary to build trust between animals and people. Learn more about clicker play and our enrichment program:

You will be able to take a tour and watch some of talented clicker play partners show off what they have learned together. Afterwards, you can help make all sorts of enrichment for the residents and try your hand at gardening by planting plants in our bird backyards.

There will be vegan friendly snacks and beverages available for those who attend. Adult tickets are $10 and kids under 4 are free. Suggested donation of a chicken-friendly plant is always welcome. Click here to see a list of safe plants for chickens.

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