Founders, Shaleen and Shilpi Shahs holding rescued chickens

Celebration of Karuna Ratna Award to Our Founders: Shaleen and Shilpi Shah!

A very proud moment for all of us.

Luvin Arms founders Shaleen and Shilpi Shah received the “Karuna Ratna” award at the recent JAINA Convention.

The Shahs were honored with the award for their incredible work starting Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary and their continued support in its evolution.

It is worth mentioning that Luvin Arms is the ONLY Jain-founded animal sanctuary in the United States.

Luvin Arms not only embraces the values of ahimsa, karuna, and jivdaya but goes one step further in helping spread these values to society.

Thousands of people have been impacted as a result of the work done at Luvin Arms.

People from all walks of life come to volunteer and experience the power of love and compassion. Many have embraced a compassionate lifestyle by choosing cruelty-free products.

Luvin Arms is a living, breathing demonstration of the values Jainism is based upon.

But all this work could not have been done without your continued support!

Shaleen and Shilpi recorded this “Thank You” message for you:

What makes Luvin Arms sanctuary unique?

Luvin Arms goes above and beyond rescuing abused farmed animals.

We provide medical, physical, emotional, and cognitive care for each animal resident for the rest of their life.

For example:

  1. Sebastian, the goat, is in Intensive Care right now, and we have no idea how much his care will cost.
  2. Alfie the Goat required $10,000 in medical bills to remove thousands of kidney stones.
  3. Felix the Pig requires daily arthritis medication and periodic physical therapy and acupuncture ($300)
  4. Niblet the Horse due to severe laminitis, requires a pasture free of any grasses or weeds. We are building a safe pasture area that will help Niblet and all of our residents with laminitis.
  5. Astrid the Chicken, like all our Cornish hens, requires $15 daily care to treat her bumble-foot condition
  6. Dali, Frieda, and Leo, the Donkeys require $225 weekly maintenance on their hooves as well as a special diet to address previous neglect
  7. We installed custom medical equipment that allows us to weigh all the larger animals and give them on-site medical care.

As a result of the holistic care we provide to the animal residents, Luvin Arms has become a source of inspiration for many.

Through the medium of Luvin Arms, we try to live by the values of Jainism.

However, a LOT more needs to be done.

The continued cost of animal upkeep and building more facilities inside the sanctuary are some of our pressing needs.

Let’s celebrate this proud moment by matching the awards gift!

Make your contribution today and help us spread this work of compassion

Your contribution will not only help these sentient beings, but will also bolster our effort to spread ahimsa, karuna, and jivdaya in the community.

Shartrina White, Executive Director

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