Celebrate Mahavir Jayanti Day by Supporting Devi and Laxmi

Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary urgently needs your support to provide essential food, shelter, and critical medical care for Devi and Laxmi – two beautiful souls that have blessed Luvin Arms with their grace. Give NOW and your gift will be matched by the Richard Reed Foundation – DOUBLING your impact!

Devi was raised on a rural ranch in Colorado, and was selected for slaughter to save costs to the owner. She was rescued from this horrible fate by Neha Jhavier, a compassionate soul in the Colorado Jain community. Unbeknownst to everyone, Devi was pregnant with a miracle baby–Laxmi, named in the honor of the goddess of wealth, beauty, and power.

Through Karma, Laxmi was born to a sanctuary that practices Ahimsa. She was born free. With your support, we can start a compassion revolution in honor of Laxmi.

We desperately need your help to provide Devi and Laxmi with the food, shelter, and medical care that they need to grow strong and change the world. The price of hay has skyrocketed, it now costs $120 per day just to feed our cows. Due to inhumane breeding practices, Devi became a mother at a very young age. Because her body was too underdeveloped to support Laxmi, Devi suffered from severe mastitis and now must be constantly monitored and tested to ensure that she doesn’t develop the numerous health problems associated with having a baby so young. Laxmi came to Luvin Arms suffering an extreme E. Coli infection, and we must continually test her to ensure that she stays healthy. Provide them with the critical medical care and food that they need to survive, so that their story may reverberate across the world with the message of Ahimsa.

The affectionate nature of cows makes them our most powerful ambassadors for inspiring change in the hearts of people. Cows are also our largest residents, and require the most resources to ensure that each individual is happy and healthy, and able to inspire transformation. Help us care for our largest and most Affectionate Ambassadors of Ahimsa.

There is no small act of compassion. Luvin Arms needs your support to provide Devi and Laxmi with the care they need and to tell their story to the world. Your support and your actions have the power to galvanize the global community to make more compassionate choices and save the lives of countless others just like Devi and Laxmi.

Devi and Laxmi eating hay

In honor of Lord Mahavir’s birth, let us celebrate our commitment to Ahimsa – nonviolence toward all living beings. Lord Mahavir teaches us that all living beings cling to life and fear death, that all living beings deserve Karuna (compassion), Jivdaya (kindness), and Ahimsa (nonviolence).

In happiness and suffering, in joy and grief, let us regard all beings as we regard our own selves.

Give to Devi and Laxmi today, so that we can provide them with the essential food, shelter, and critical medical care they need to survive. Their story is inspiring people across the world to embrace Ahimsa, saving the lives of many, many more individuals.

Donate to Devi and Laxmi NOW, and your generous gift will be matched by the Richard Reed Foundation – DOUBLING your impact!

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