Calf finds forever home at Erie animal sanctuary


ERIE, Colo. – August 19, 2020 –  Marley Rose was fated for slaughter not long after she was born, but now she spends her first months of life running around in freedom at Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary.

Marley Rose is a 7-week-old calf who was born at a large dairy farm in Wisconsin. Because she and her twin brother were born weak and sickly, they were of no use to the farm and were going to be sent to slaughter just days after birth.

Thankfully, they were rescued and spent their first weeks of life in the veterinary hospital. Marley wasn’t doing well at first, but her condition soon improved and she started doing a lot better. Unfortunately, her twin brother, Maverick, was slowly declining and passed away.

Not only did Marley have to deal with being separated from her mother, but she also lost her twin brother, leaving her all alone at only a couple months old. 

Marley has thankfully been able to find new companionship with her caregivers at Luvin Arms. Her caregivers spend the nights with her, play with her, and cuddle with her, so Marley never has to feel alone.

Cows like Marley form deep bonds with their family and friends, and especially their mothers, so that separation can be really emotionally difficult for them. According to Dr. Marc Bekoff, “There’s also no good reason to think other animals are ‘sort of happy’ or ‘sort of in love’ or ‘sort of grieving’ given what we now know about the rich and deep emotional lives of a wide range of animals.”

“It’s important to us that Marley never feels alone again, that she feels loved and part of a social group,” said Shartrina White, executive director at Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary. “I love it when Marley sees us and runs to say hello and get a hug, it equally makes all of us sad when she cries when we have to leave her. Marley is so sweet, loving, cuddly and affectionate. We are looking forward to sharing a lifetime of love together.”

Marley loves to frolic in the grass, cuddle and play with her toys. She has spent most of her life up until now in the hospital, so now that she is healthy and able to spend time running around outside, she is having a blast!

Volunteer Dave Costa with Marley Rose

“One look into Marley’s eyes, you can see her fun loving nature, her sense of humor, her inquisitive nature and you can most definitely feel her joy for life as she gives you the most delightful kiss,” White said. “One look into Marley eyes and we are positive it will inspire others to live a more compassionate lifestyle by eating a plant-based diet for Marley, for others like her, for ourselves and the planet.”

Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary is working to provide exceptional lifelong social, emotional, and cognitive care to rescued farmed animals and to advocate for those who have not been rescued by sharing their residents’ stories to inspire, educate and empower others to embrace a more compassionate and sustainable lifestyle. Since its founding in 2015, Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary has directly saved over 720 animal lives and tens of thousands of more lives through education and outreach.

To support the care of Marley Rose, donate to Luvin Arms by going to their website at www.luvinarms.org or schedule a virtual or in-person tour. You can also call (720) 515-8577 for more information.


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