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Ban Feedlots Now

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Drought conditions have feedlots full.

Droughts have dried up big parts of the country. Ranchers are cutting their losses and dumping cows into already overcrowded, massive industrial feedlots.   

It’s a horrifying and completely unnatural form of reckless animal abuse with one purpose and one purpose alone—fatten them up quickly, to make a buck.   

The cows being hurt and harmed on feedlots have no one to speak for them but you. You need to raise your voice now. Please sign our petition to Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, urging him to do the decent and compassionate thing and ban industry feedlots forever!

To Sec. Vilsack,   

Feedlots are unnatural settings where cows are living in a slurry of disease, shot up with hormones, and fed grain, feathers, manure, limestone, even candy before being taken to slaughter. Drought conditions are only making it worse.  

It’s un unacceptable way to treat a living creature. America doesn’t have to be this cruel. Step up and take action to ban the use of industrial feedlots.

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