Mama Devi and Baby Mimi

A Place of No Hope

In our darkest times, it is hope that gets us through to the next day.  

Unfortunately, that isn’t true for some.

What follows is hard to read but the reality of what is happening.

A mother is about to give birth to a beautiful baby.

Suddenly, someone cuts her open, killing her instantly. The killer is not going to be sentenced but instead compensated for it. The baby’s first breath is on the deathbed of her mother. And in just a few moments, the baby will take her last breath in pain in fear as she too is killed.

This is precisely what happens to tens of thousands of cows around the world – every single day.

Did you know?

Nearly 15% of cows that go to slaughterhouses are pregnant.

And as they’re on the line of being slaughtered, and cut open, the babies literally fall to the ground. The baby’s first breath is on the slaughter floor with their mother hanging above them.

The baby’s last breath is being beaten or being hit in the head with a stun gun.

It’s beyond heartbreaking thinking about how lives are ended in our world when it’s completely unnecessary!

Here are just a few eye-opening facts from the book – “This is Vegan Propaganda” by Ed Winters.

* 50% of all meat people eat today comes from the dairy industry. (Marley, Samantha, Domino, Tito, Devi, and Laxmi are all of our loved family from the dairy industry)

* Cows have an average lifespan in the dairy industry of five to seven years before they’re taken off for slaughter. Their normal lifespan should be 20 years. They are impregnated every year and their babies are taken from them EVERY year.

* Their utters are so big from milking that many can’t stand because their legs are splayed so far apart.  The industry as a standard practice chains their back legs together to keep them standing. 

*Their teats have sores and cracks that bacteria enter into and cause a painful condition called mastitis. Somatic cells are pus-producing cells from cows that come from this painful condition. There are over a million somatic cells in every teaspoon of dairy milk.   Somatic cells also cause incalculable damage to the human body – right from diabetes and arthritis to blood sugar and heart diseases.

After reading the chapter, I couldn’t help but think about the recently rescued mother-daughter duo – Devi and Laxmi

I don’t know what would have happened to Laxmi, but Devi definitely would have been slaughtered immediately.

Davi’s back two teats are so tiny that they are impossible for Laxmi to latch onto, and they would be impossible for a milking machine to latch onto.

As a first-time mother too, she doesn’t have to endure the abuses of being artificially impregnated year over year for the next five years.

Instead, she gets to spend her days at the sanctuary in kindness and love.

She doesn’t have to be forcibly milked, and go through that living in small stalls or in close confinement, like the dairy farms all around us.

Devi will spend her days in the sunshine and unlike millions of others, she will spend the rest of her life with her baby.  The mother and child bond will endure and be a guiding light from Luvin Arms.

We are a small sanctuary, but a beacon of hope for those out there.

I wish the same could be true for millions of cows in the slaughterhouses.

The following line from the book touched me deeply –

“ Slaughterhouses are a place of no hope.”

There are no options but to hear the screams of others and wait for your turn to be killed.

But we want to let these innocent beautiful beings know that there is hope.

While they are silently waiting for their turn to die, we want to let them know that there is someone out there who loves them and who cares greatly about their situation.

Maybe they are unable to hear our message but we want to give them an assurance that…

Someday, humanity will rise up from these barbaric practices. And stop this mindless killing…

We want them to know that Luvin Arms and our entire community are doing everything possible to save the future of all beings, we are all connected.  What we do to them, we do to ourselves.

Until then, the fight must go on…Each life matters, we thank you for joining us in love and compassion against the dairy industry practices. Each act of kindness counts. 

Support compassion by switching to plant-based alternatives, support by visiting these incredible individuals who are survivors.  With every dollar we spend, we vote for the kind of world we create.

“Hope” is the thing with feathers –
That perches in the soul –
And sings the tune without the words –
And never stops – at all –

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