4-C Program – Care, Compassion, Connection & Community

Luvin Arms is seeking to create our own empathy and animal care curriculum centered around compassionate care and empathetic stewardship of life. Will you support us in our efforts to educate a more compassionate and sustainable future generation?

Children crave connection to animals and desire the opportunity to be close to and care for farmed animals. The agriculture program of the 4-H organization teaches children how to use animals for profit and eventually slaughters all animals involved in the program. 4-H desensitizes children to the unnecessary slaughter of animals and corrodes their natural empathy towards animals–beginning a process of desensitization to the needs and feelings of others that can lead to lack of empathy for their human peers. 

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Luvin Arms seeks to provide an alternative to the 4-H agricultural program – The 4-C Program: Care, Compassion, Connection, and Community. This program will provide the connection to farmed animals that children crave without desensitization to the needs and feelings of other beings. 

Luvin Arms needs your support to develop the 4-C curriculum for a one-week summer camp for children aged 9 – 12 that instructs children in the natural behaviors of farmed animals, how to care for them, their food, and medical needs, and their incredible intelligence and sentience. Each participant will choose a species to specialize in and will be paired with a particular animal resident within that species to work with on an individualized level. As part of this program, each child will have the opportunity to engage in clicker play with their resident, developing a common language between species and communicating with their resident on a profoundly personal level. Luvin Arms will also develop empathy within participants through a comprehensive empathy education curriculum. 

This summer camp is a critical and powerful tool in accomplishing our mission of connecting communities to farmed animals and fostering the growth of everlasting compassionate hearts. Please donate today so that we may develop this transformational curriculum! 

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