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Luvin Arms is excited to announce that we have partnered with Lighter Nutrition! Lighter Nutrition generates personalized nutrition programs, which can even include therapeutic diets. The proprietary software solution translates broad nutritional recommendations into easy-to-use meal planning and tracking, educational content and convenient grocery delivery.

Lighter helps answer the question “What Should I Eat?” with specificity and convenience.  

Make your meal planning simple with easy delivery.

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Meet our Coaches


Kathy Mallory

Kathy Mallory, Plant-Based Health Coach comes to you with a passion for health! She
helps adults and families have better health outcomes in order to enjoy life through losing weight, increased energy, and reversing the early symptoms of chronic disease. She is certified through eCornell Plant-Based Nutrition Studies and Dr. Sears Wellness Institute and 7 years of living a compassionate plant-based vegan lifestyle. Additionally, Kathy holds a masters in education which includes 9 years as a classroom teacher, a mom to 3 adult daughters and 2 fur babies! On weekends she can be found hiking and
exploring the foothills of Denver.

Coach Kathy’s services include:

❖ Private 1:1 coaching
❖ Group Coaching
❖ Public Speaking
❖ Smart Grocery Shopping Trips
❖ Pantry Makeovers
❖ Cooking Demonstrations

You can visit her website kathymallory.com, facebook page at
https://www.facebook.com/healthcoachkathymallory/ or email
[email protected]

Melinda Benz

Melinda Benz is a vegan Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist and Reiki Master with a focus on holistic approaches to nutrition. She specializes in plant-based nutrition and mindful/intuitive eating practices. She refers to herself as a connected vegan because compassion creates connection! Her mission is to simplify nutrition concepts and support individuals on cultivating a nourishing relationship with the mind, body, and spirit.

Whether you wish to go more plant-based for your health, love of animals, environmental concerns, or all the above, Melinda is here to help support you on your health and wellness journey. Melinda’s background is working in the field of Integrative Medicine providing nutrition counseling services, teaching nutrition classes and cooking demonstrations throughout the community.

She recently moved to Colorado with her husband and two feline ‘kittos’, and looks forward to this exciting, new adventure! In Melinda’s free time, she enjoys hiking with her husband, discovering new plant-based products, taking energy healing classes, and watching reruns of “The Office”.

Please feel free to reach out to Melinda via email at [email protected]

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