Donor/Volunteer Spotlight: Cathy Burk

Cathy has been a dedicated supporter and volunteer at Luvin Arms for years. She is a talented seamstress and has generously donated her time and resources to create beautiful quilts for our annual Gala auctions, as well as special clothing items for our animal...

Preparing for the Winter Storm

A snowstorm is on its way tonight, and our care team is hard at work preparing to make sure all of our residents stay warm and safe over the weekend.   Because the forecasters still don’t know exactly how much snow we could get (anywhere from 2-5 feet!), our...

What Care Means to Us

At Luvin Arms, rescue is just the beginning. Every animal resident we welcome into our family is promised lifelong, optimal care. Many of our residents come from abusive, neglectful situations where they had to live in fear, never knowing what kind of future lied...

Volunteer/Donor Spotlight: Donna Marino

Donna Marino is a long-time animal activist and vegan, and has campaigned for the rights of all animals, ranging from those in the circus to domestic animals to farmed animals. She has been a dedicated volunteer and supporter of Luvin Arms for years. Her vegan...

Permaculture Design Project

We are excited to share the next steps in the plant-based permaculture design project that is taking place at Luvin Arms! To give you a quick update, volunteers have been actively building compost bins out of reclaimed items as well as maintaining decomposable...

Ahimsa at Luvin Arms

Ahimsa means nonviolence to all living beings through compassion. It is a value prescribed in Hindu, Buddhism, and Jainism and although Americans may be unfamiliar with the word – the practice is not foreign. Many of us practice Ahimsa – nonviolence to all beings -...

The Breath of Life

The Breath of Life, every being on this planet needs, and shares in the life force of the atmosphere. We collectively share this force on our planet. We breathe the same breath of life of all beings. We collectively share not only the air that we breathe, but the joys...

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