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Are you a young person who LUVS helping animals?! Luvin Arms has an opportunity for young people to provide a compassionate service to our animals from the safety and comfort of their own home!

Schedule your Sanctuary Story Time today!

For Special Residents

Sanctuary Story Times provides enrichment for some of our special needs residents like our chickens with mobility issues. Because they have mobility issues they have trouble engaging in typical chicken behavior. That’s why they love to watch shows, listen to music, and be read to!

Rescued Chicken

Of Story Time

Young people who participate in a Luvin Arms for Sanctuary Story Time will be able to:

  1. Practice their read-aloud skills. What better way to practice reading aloud than to do it with animals who won’t judge whatever reading level you are at!
  2. Make a difference in the lives of a few farmed animal friends by providing enrichment to better their quality of life. 
  3. Virtually meet and learn about a few farmed animals and some of the ways they are just like us and we are just like them!

This is a great school activity for teachers to get their students involved in so that they can build confidence in their reading skills!


Ready To Read

Friends who register for Sanctuary Story Time can choose their favorite compassionate book or story about animals to read aloud to our special needs residents and the rest of their peers group engaged in the activity. 

In order to schedule a story time, there needs to be 5 to 10 readers.

Rescued Chicken

Luvin Arms
Compassionate Reading List

Click the link to order or check with your local library for these books.  If your library doesn’t have it, ask the librarian to order the book so they carry it.

A Change of Heart

Written by: Mark Chapman and Tanya Flink

Ages: 0-18

A story of compassion and love. This is a short children’s story of one young cow being born into a factory farm and how he is taken from and eventually returned to his loving mother by a compassionate farmer.

This story is meant as a gentle reminder to all that all animals have love for their family and that the dairy industry can be harmful to that bond. All babies deserve to be with their mothers.

This book is a labor of love born from the desire to share our passion for a loving world and a vegan way of life, but it is for all people who care about animals and their babies. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book go towards Switch4Good – a team of dairy-free athletes and doctors working together to promote healthy, happy lives for all.

Always Be Kind

Written by: Beth Arnold

Ages: Primary and Younger

Description: Teach children about a vegan lifestyle with this gentle book that shows animals are sentient beings and each have unique traits that make them special. Through fun rhymes and bright illustrations, children learn the importance of being kind to all creatures.

Animal Rescue

Written by: Patrick George

Ages: 3-7

* Also Available in Spanish *

Description: This is a book in which you become a rescue hero. Simply turn the transparent page and rescue the animals! It’s fun, it’s simple, and it’s a gentle introduction to the importance of animal welfare. This is a book without words which enables the reader to choose the appropriate level of input for the child. Which animals would you rescue? Great for enriching vocabulary, encourage awareness, and learning about our environment, this is the perfect gift book, and a fun learning tool.

Black Beauty

Written by: Anna Seawell


Black Beauty is the prettiest young horse in the meadows, and spends many happy days under the apple trees with his friends Ginger and Merrylegs. But this easy life comes to an end when Beauty is sold and goes from farm to inn to cabhorse in London, enduring rough treatment from foolish and careless masters. Beauty remains faithful, hardworking, and full of spirit despite his trials, and through him we learn that all horses and humans alike deserve to be treated with kindness.

Business Pig

Jasper would rather draw graphs than play in the mud. Can this cutie pig find someone to adopt him who means business, too?

Right from the start, everyone at the barnyard could tell Jasper wasn’t like his siblings: “I believe what we have here is a gen-u-WINE Business Pig!” No wallowing in the mud or rooting for grubs for Jasper; he’d rather help with the bookkeeping or conduct a meeting. Though everyone at the animal sanctuary loves him, Jasper longs for a forever home. But no matter how many business cards he hands out, no one wants to adopt him. Can this above-average pig find his special person to cut deals with?

Charlotte’s Web

Written by: E.B. White

Ages: Grades 3-5

Some Pig. Humble. Radiant. These are the words in Charlotte’s Web, high up in Zuckerman’s barn. Charlotte’s spiderweb tells of her feelings for a little pig named Wilbur, who simply wants a friend. They also express the love of a girl named Fern, who saved Wilbur’s life when he was born the runt of his litter.

B. White’s Newbery Honor Book is a tender novel of friendship, love, life, and death that will continue to be enjoyed by generations to come. This edition contains newly color illustrations by Garth Williams, the acclaimed illustrator of E. B. White’s Stuart Little and Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House series, among many other books.

Whether enjoyed in the classroom or for homeschooling or independent reading, Charlotte’s Web is a proven favorite.

Chickpea Runs Away

Written by: Sarat Colling

Ages: 4-9

Description: Chickpea the cow lives in an overcrowded barn on a large farm. She watches as her friends and family are taken away to an uncertain fate. One day, the farmer leads Chickpea and all the rest of the cows outdoors to a scary-looking truck, and Chickpea knows she shouldn’t go. Making a split-second decision, she leaps the fence and escapes into the woods. For the first time ever, Chickpea discovers the world outside the farm and, thanks to some delicious vegan pie, makes new friends who welcome her with loving hearts. Chickpea’s story is inspired by many real-life cases of runaway cows.

Clover’s Great Escape

Written by: Sarah Creighton

Ages: 6-8

Description: An endearing story based on real-life events about Clover, a cow who narrowly escapes the slaughterhouse only to find her way into the loving arms of a farm sanctuary.

Dave Loves Chickens

Dave Loves Chickens

Written by: Carlos Patino

Ages: Baby – 10

Description: Dave Loves Chickens is the first in a series of books for young children examining the unique characteristics of animals and questioning why people eat them. The main character of the book, Dave, is a quirky monster from another planet who knows all sorts of fun and interesting facts about animals.

Dave Loves Pigs

Written by: Carlos Patino

Ages: Baby – 10

Description: Dave is a monster from outer space who can’t believe that humans eat other animals. Dave really loves pigs and talks about all of their interesting qualities and provides the young reader with several fun facts. Most importantly, though, Dave makes a case for how pigs should all be happy and free.


Written by: Alexandra Lindsay Fields

Ages: 4-8

Description: Emma, a baby calf, longs to know what life is like outside of the industrial farm building where she lives. One day, she finally gets the opportunity to find out! Join Emma on her wild adventure as she searches for fun, friendship, and, above all, freedom. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each book goes to supporting non-profit farm animal sanctuaries that provide safe havens for farm animals who have experienced abuse or neglect and support vegan lifestyles.

Granny Gomez and Jigsaw

Written by: Deborah Underwood

Ages: 4-8

Description: Granny Gomez’s baby pig, Jigsaw, is the perfect roommate. He eats watermelon and watches cooking shows with her—he even does puzzles. But Jigsaw grows up—and out—quickly. Soon he’s too big to get up Granny’s back steps. It seems the only thing to do is build Jigsaw a barn. But once Jigsaw moves in, the two miss each other like crazy!

Gwen the Rescue Hen

Written by: Leslie Crawford

Ages: 5-8

Description: Gwen has spent her whole life in a big egg-laying hen house, so she knows very little about what chickens can do (besides lay eggs, of course). A fateful tornado turns her world upside-down and sideways, landing her in a strange new place that’s nothing like the hen house. Using her wits and chicken superpowers, Gwen dodges danger at every turn until she finds safety and friendship with a boy named Mateo. Together they discover how extraordinary an ordinary chicken really is.


Written by: Randy Houk

Ages: 4 and up

Description: Hope, a young piglet born on a factory farm, is injured and left to die—until some kind folks come to her rescue. She’s taken to an animal sanctuary, where she gets to play and have fun.

How to Heal a Broken Wing

Written by: Bob Graham

Ages: 6-10

Description: In a city full of hurried people, only young Will notices the bird lying hurt on the ground. With the help of his sympathetic mother, he gently wraps the injured bird and takes it home. Wistful and uplifting in true Bob Graham fashion, here is a tale of possibility — and of the souls who never doubt its power.

Hubert The Pudge

Written By: Henrik Drescher

Ages: 4-8

Description: Hubert is a pudge, and pudges can never grow up. Instead, they are trucked off to the meat factory when they are still young and turned into TV dinners, microwave sausage links, and other greasy food products. But when Hubert manages to escape to the wild, he feasts on luscious grass, exotic orchids, and skunk cabbage. The more he eats, the bigger he grows, and soon Hubert is the biggest pudge since ancient times. He is giant! He is humongous! And he must fulfill his destiny. From the singular Henrik Drescher comes a quirky fable about the responsibilities that come from being larger than life.

Just Like Us

Written by: Victoria White

Ages: 5-8

Description: Come join Natalie for a fun, informative day on the farm! Unlike most traditional farm visits, Natalie visits a farm sanctuary and learns all about the unique, individual personalities of each animal on the farm. Tag along for a fun adventure, learn different facts about each animal and understand how they are Just Like Us!

Lena of Vegitopia and the Mystery of the Missing Animals

Written by: Sybil Severin

Ages: 5-9

Description: Lena of Vegitopia and the Mystery of the Missing Animals is a vegan-themed fairy tale about how one brave little girl stands up for the animal friends of her land and helps rescue them from being eaten. The book promotes messages of kindness, compassion, and action and shows that magical things can happen when you harness the power of veggies.

Libby Finds Vegan Sanctuary (Board Book)

Written by: Julia Feliz Bruech

Ages: Infant – 4

Description: The first board book for little vegan readers! Libby Finds Vegan Sanctuary is the story of how a turkey inspires compassion and ultimately, finds safety. Through colorful pages and a simple story fit for little hands, the board book helps young children understand the meaning of sanctuary and lightly explores the idea of choosing to prevent harm of other living beings. The story is based on a real life rescued turkey, Libby, who lives in a farm animal sanctuary in Florida.

Make Way For Ducklings

Written by: Robert McCloskey

Ages: 3-7

Description: Mrs. Mallard was sure that the pond in the Boston Public Gardens would be a perfect place for her and her eight ducklings to live. The problem was how to get them there through the busy streets of Boston. But with a little help from the Boston police, Mrs. Mallard and Jack, Kack, Lack, Nack, Ouack, Pack, and Quack arive safely at their new home.

This brilliantly illustrated, amusingly observed tale of Mallards on the move has won the hearts of generations of readers. Awarded the

Caldecott Medal for the most distinguished American picture book for children in 1941, it has since become a favorite of millions.

No Green Eggs or Ham: A Vegan Parody

Written by: Flora Lee

Ages: 3-7
Description: “Would you like Green eggs or ham?” Not this Vegan Brontosaurus! In this funny Dr. Seuss Parody Pam-I-Am tries to convince Valen, a vegan dinosaur, to eat green eggs or ham. Read about how Valen stays true to his beliefs while informing Pam-I-Am the reason behind his dietary choices. This book is a great way to introduce compassionate living to children of all ages through fun illustrations and rhyme.

Not a Nugget

Written by: Stephanie Dreyer
Ages: 3-9

Description: Food or friend? Through fun animal facts and charming illustrations, “Not A Nugget” shows children a different way to view animals and their food. With a special foreword by Gene Baur, founder of Farm Sanctuary, this book is an educational resource for parents and teachers to introduce children to plant-based living

Our Farm: By the Animals of Farm Sanctuary

Written by: Maya Gottfried
Ages: 3-8

Description: Maya the cow, J.D. the piglet, Hilda the sheep, and a dozen more animals all speak directly to the reader, showing off their unique personalities in this wonderful collection of poems. Master watercolorist Robert Rahway Zakanitch provides a portrait that perfectly captures the essence of each creature. Together the poems and paintings add up to a picture of life on the friendliest farm around.

Perfect The Pig

Written by: Susan Jeschke

Ages: 3-7

Description: Because Perfect the Pig can fly, he’s kidnapped by a greedy entertainer, and his friend Olive must rescue him.

Sprig the Rescue Pig

Written by: Leslie Crawford

Ages: 4-8

Description: Things aren’t looking good for Sprig, who is packed into a fast-moving truck with dozens of other pigs. He doesn’t know where they’re going but his nose knows there’s something better out there. So with one dramatic leap, or really more of a tumble, Sprig sets out on a pig-centered adventure that leads him to his new best friend, a girl named Rory. Inspired by true events, this light-hearted tale introduces kids to an intelligent and inquisitive pig who finds his way to an animal sanctuary.

Steven the Vegan

Written by: Dan Bodenstein

Ages: 4-8

Description: Steven and his classmates go on a field trip to a local farm sanctuary. While there Steven’s classmates learn that he is a vegan. Steven, along with many of the farm animals, teach his friends why for him, animals are his friends, not his food.

Thanksgiving for the Turkeys

Written by: Lotus Kay

Ages: 4-9

Description: A Thanksgiving for the Turkeys presents a new way of thinking about food choices and Thanksgiving through a turkey’s eyes. This book tells the story of Milo the turkey as he tries to navigate “Turkey Day.” Milo will make you want to stretch your heart out to animals this year.

That’s Not My Mama’s Milk (Board Book)

Written by: Julia Barcalow

Ages: Infant – 5

Description: That’s Not My Momma’s Milk is a vegan children’s board book for the youngest of readers. Through simple, repetitive language, and beautiful illustrations, children are introduced to various animals nursing their young. This book teaches compassion for all living beings and shows the unmistakable bond that all mommas have with their young. A wonderful book that helps families teach children that a momma’s milk is meant for her baby.

That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals

Written by: Ruby Roth


* Also Available in Spanish *

Description: Uses colorful artwork and lively text to introduce vegetarianism and veganism to early readers (ages six to ten). Written and illustrated by Ruby Roth, the book features an endearing animal cast of pigs, turkeys, cows, quail, turtles, and dolphins. These creatures are shown in both their natural state—rooting around, bonding, nuzzling, cuddling, grooming one another, and charming each other with their family instincts and rituals—and in the terrible conditions of the factory farm. The book also describes the negative effects eating meat has on the environment.

The Lady and The Spider

Written by: Faith McNulty

Ages: 6-9

Description A spider has made her home among the green hills and valleys of a lettuce leaf. It is a perfect den, just the right size, with a dewdrops pool nearby that will catch moths on moonlit nights. How is the spider to know that the lady intends to eat that very lettuce for lunch one day?

The Story of Ferdinand

Written by: Munro Leaf

Ages: 7+

Description: Translated into more than sixty languages, this classic tale of a peaceable bull has been a favorite of readers across the world for generations. To celebrate Ferdinand’s seventy-fifth anniversary, Viking is issuing his story in a handsome slipcased edition. Perfect for those who love Ferdinand, and for those who have yet to meet him.

The True Adventure of Esther the Wonder Pig

Written by: Steve Jenkins

Ages: 6-9

Description: Story of Esther and how her two dads rescued her!

V is for Vegan: The ABC’s of Being Kind

Written by: Ruby Roth

Ages: 3-9

Description: V Is for Vegan is a must-have for vegan and vegetarian parents, teachers, and activists! Acclaimed author and artist Ruby Roth brings her characteristic insight and good humor to a controversial and challenging subject, presenting the basics of animal rights and the vegan diet in an easy-to-understand, teachable format. Through memorable rhymes and charming illustrations, Roth introduces readers to the major vegan food groups (grains, beans, seeds, nuts, vegetables, and fruits) as well as broader concepts such as animal protection and the environment.

Vegan is Love

Written by: Ruby Roth

Ages: 4-8

Description: In Vegan Is Love, author-illustrator Ruby Roth introduces young readers to veganism as a lifestyle of compassion and action. Broadening the scope of her popular first book That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals, Roth illustrates how our daily choices ripple out locally and globally, conveying what we can do to protect animals, the environment, and people across the world. Roth explores the many opportunities we have to make ethical decisions: refusing products tested on or made from animals; avoiding sea parks, circuses, animal races, and zoos; choosing to buy organic food; and more.

Victor’s Picnic with the Vegetarian Animals

Written by: Radha Vignola

Ages: 5-6

Description: When Victor attends a picnic where vegetarian animals share their food with him, he enjoys a variety of snacks and learns what to eat to stay healthy.

We All Love: A Book for Compassionate Vegans and Vegetarians

Written By: Julie Hausen

Ages: 4-8

Description: “We all Love” is a book for tender-hearted kids who want to live a compassionate lifestyle. It explores the earliest stages of empathy where we learn to recognize the things we have in common. By finding our similarities, we can begin having conversations about empathy and how we can live compassionately through a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

What Vegan Kids Eat

Written by: Amber Polluck

Ages: 3-7

Description: What Vegan Kids Eat is the first book that celebrates the wide variety of foods that vegan children enjoy. The book debunks the notion that vegan kids suffer from a lack of delicious food options. The truth is quite the opposite! This fun, lighthearted book, full of bold colors and friendly illustrations, is ideal for parents who would like to teach their children that being vegan is not only healthy and good for the animals, but is also delicious and fun.

Wild and Free

Written by: Andrea Zimmer

Ages: Primary and younger

Description: A catchy, repetitive rhyming picture book with beautiful illustrations, Wild and Free by Andrea Zimmer helps introduce young children to the concepts of wrong versus right when it comes to animal use and exploitation. It also teaches them to extend their care and empathy towards all. This is a non-graphic, age appropriate book for children about animal rights and consistent anti-oppression.

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