Rescued Turkey

In Our Hearts

Matcha Loved:

  • Anything shiny!
  • Visitors on tours
  • Running
  • Lap snuggles

Matcha’s Story:

As an act of compassion, an unnamed turkey producer released some of their birds before Thanksgiving…before sending thousands more to slaughter. This is how Chai, Oolong, Darjeeling, Matcha, and Chamomile, who we lovingly call The Tea Girls, found their home at Luvin Arms. They escaped the fate that many turkeys face on industrial farms, being crammed into filthy barns and suffering from disease, infections, open wounds, and injuries. Many can barely stand and slowly die in their own waste. When Matcha arrived at Luvin Arms, she had a condition called angel wing, which is a sign of malnourishment. Our team got The Tea Girls the care they so desperately needed to live the rest of their lives peacefully. Matcha loved being active, spending time in the sun, snuggling in laps, and roaming around her home with her sisters.

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