Rescued Turkey

Jade Loves:

  • Cuddling with Cailin the chicken
  • Music
  • Footbaths in the summer
  • Morning chats

Jade’s Story:

Pearl, Soma, and Jade were living in a barn with many other turkeys in terrible conditions. The barn was dark and so dirty, they were walking around in their own feces. They were going to be sold to be eaten on Thanksgiving, but thankfully, these three girls were rescued when they were just six months old. When Jade arrived to Luvin Arms, our care team immediately noticed that there was something wrong with Jade’s eyes. Our veterinarian diagnosed Jade with glaucoma and informed us that although Jade was completely blind, her eyes were still causing her pain and suffering. We made the decision to remove Jade’s eyes so she would no longer have to endure the constant pain.

Jade is thriving at Luvin Arms and is best friends with Cailin, our blind chicken. They love to cuddle and explore together.

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