In Our Hearts

Starlet Loved:

  • Hangin with Walter
  • Exploring through foliage

Starlet’s Story:

Starlet seemed to be abandoned in a backyard. When the people who found her tried calling Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, they wouldn’t take her because of her clipped wings. Because her wings were so badly clipped, she is not able to fly and would not be able to return to the wild. Starlet’s clipped wings are an indicator that she has been used for training hunting dogs. If chukar partridges have their wings clipped, they are unable to fly away, in which case, hunting dogs will retrieve them using a “soft bite.” Starlet lives with Walter the turkey now. Walter is pretty timid around other people and animals, but he sure loves Starlet! Starlet spends her days hanging out with Walter and exploring through the foliage in her home.

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