In Our Hearts

Rowena Loved:

  • Exploring
  • Being free
  • Posing pretty for the camera

Rowena’s Story:

Rowena and eighteen other beautiful Australorpe chickens were rescued from a CSA. They arrived at Luvin Arms scared, hungry, and in poor medical condition. Before coming to Luvin Arms, they lived mostly inside a factory farm. The unsanitary, cramped conditions of the farm led to heart and lung issues. These sweet girls were approximately 2-4 years old at the time of their rescue and were slated to go to slaughter, along with 250 other individuals. Due to their age, they could no longer produce eggs. They are a good reminder that the egg industry isn’t cruelty-free; once a hen can no longer produce a profit for the farm, she is sent to slaughter. These ladies were surrendered to a community member before arriving at their forever safe home in 2020. 

Like her friends, Rowena was happy to explore their home in peace. Their retirement is most definitely well deserved. 

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