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Opal and Jasper’s arrival at Luvin Arms is a tale of survival and new beginnings. Discovered abandoned on the roadside in a bucket, this young duo, both under a year old, found sanctuary at Luvin Arms on July 13, 2023. While their past remains unknown, their future at the sanctuary is filled with care and affection.

Opal proudly belongs to the esteemed “Rock Flock,” cherishing moments with her dear companion, Jasper, and steadfast buddy, Topaz. A stunning and sweetly reserved individual, Opal thrives as a member of the vibrant, diverse flock.

Opal and Jasper’s situation is not uncommon. Many young chickens are abandoned due to gender misidentification. Sexing chickens accurately requires skill, and often, the realization that one has a rooster occurs only when they begin to crow at about 4-5 months old. Restrictions in certain areas against keeping roosters or personal preferences lead to many being surrendered or left behind.

The act of abandoning chickens poses significant risks to their well-being, exposing them to extreme weather, predators, and other hazards. Being trapped in confined spaces like boxes or buckets means they can’t escape or seek shelter. Jasper and Opal’s story took a positive turn when they were found in a timely manner and brought to Luvin Arms. Their experience highlights the sanctuary’s role in providing a nurturing and safe environment for animals in need. At Luvin Arms, Jasper and Opal have found a place of love, care, and protection, showcasing the transformative impact of compassion and dedicated care for animals.

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