Rescued Chicken


  • Her friend Emerald
  • Perching with Topaz


Meet Onyx, a wise and spirited hen who has gracefully transitioned into a treasured member of the Luvin Arms family. Before finding sanctuary with us, Onyx experienced challenges that no creature should endure. She faced bullying within her previous flock, a situation that can be distressing for any living being, especially for an older hen like Onyx. Seeking a haven where she could live out her days feeling valued and protected, her family entrusted her to the compassionate care of Luvin Arms.

Today, Onyx thrives within one of our vibrant mixed flocks. Here, she has discovered safety, friendship, and belonging. She shares a special connection with Emerald. This bond highlights the beautiful relationships that can form when animals are given a chance to live in peace and harmony. Onyx also cherishes Topaz’s companionship. Together, this trio explores their surroundings, taking comfort in each other’s presence and the serenity of their sanctuary home.

Onyx’s journey from a place of hardship to one of love and acceptance embodies the core mission of Luvin Arms—to provide a refuge for farmed animals in need, where they can find companionship, understanding, and a sense of community. Now, as she enjoys her days basking in the warmth of the sun and the company of her flock, Onyx represents the spirit of hope and renewal that defines Luvin Arms Sanctuary.

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