Gracie Loves:

  • Pumpkins
  • Running up to visitors
  • Cuddling with her friends

Gracie’s Story:

Shortly before New Year’s Eve in 2018, Luvin Arms was alerted of a bankrupt “humane” chicken farm in La Salle, CO, who could no longer manage the 36,000 young Cornish birds in their care. The farm wasn’t able to feed the chickens or heat the barn during a Colorado winter. The birds were found starving and freezing, some even having to resort to cannibalism to live. After an intense rescue effort, we took in 610 of these birds and gave them around the clock medical care while working with an incredible team of rescue, placement, and transport volunteers to find them forever homes. Several of those beautiful survivors became permanent residents of Luvin Arms, including Aspen, Gracie, Lucine, Valentine, and Wendy.

Gracie came to us with a severe respiratory and bacterial infection, swollen joints, an eye infection, and she was unable to stand – she was in bad shape. Gracie’s recovery was slow, but with time and the loving attention of her caregivers, she began healing both physically and emotionally.

Today, Gracie is a clicker play superstar. Her incredible skills include spinning and ringing a bell. She regularly demonstrates the sentience of her species on tours, opening minds and hearts one tour at a time.

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