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Founders, Shaleen and Shilpi Shahs standing next to a rescued cow.

Shaleen and Shilpi Shah


Shaleen and his wife, Shilpi Shah are the founders of Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary near Denver, Colorado. They are spreading the values of Ahimsa, Jiv Daya, and Karuna towards farmed animals, actively creating a more compassionate community for the animals and our planet.

These unlikely sanctuary founders and dedicated Jains grew up in India before moving to the United States. Since founding the sanctuary in 2015, Shaleen and Shilpi have grown Luvin Arms substantially, already having saved over 800 animal lives and welcoming thousands of visitors every year.

Along with Luvin Arms, Shaleen and Shilpi have created another nonprofit called that freely publishes hundreds of resources on how to start, manage and grow an animal sanctuary.

Shaleen and Shilpi make a living as software consultant and tax/accounting consultant respectively. They live in Boulder, Colorado with their two young boys, Aarav and Avi.

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