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Carlos Castillo & Spike

Facilities Specialist

Carlos was born in Mexico and raised in Brownsville, Texas. He eventually migrated to Northern Colorado with his family to labor in the sugar beet fields. Carlos became the first in his family to graduate from high school. He furthered his education by earning an associate’s degree in welding from Front Range Community College.

With over two decades of experience in construction, Carlos honed his skills and expertise in various ways within the industry. However, their career trajectory took an unexpected turn when their previous employer succumbed to cancer, resulting in the loss of Carlos’s job.

Fortune smiled upon Carlos when he discovered Luvin Arms, where he has dedicated themselves for nearly a year and a half. His journey with Luvin Arms began with a memorable first day, marked by a profound connection with Spike, a rooster resident. Despite initial trepidation, Carlos endeared themselves to Spike while working to repair netting in his enclosure. Spike’s subsequent passing left an indelible mark on Carlos, a touching reminder of the bonds forged at Luvin Arms.

Grateful for the opportunity to work at Luvin Arms, Carlos finds profound joy and fulfillment in his role within the organization.

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