India Schools Virtual Tours

To Luvin Arms Virtually From India

Indian Education School Tours are now available!

Luvin Arms is partnering with Shri.Sayyid Duja at The Springs Continental Schools in India to bring students in India the opportunity to virtually visit the sanctuary.

You Can Expect

The Indian School Tour of Luvin Arms will provide:

  • A donation based virtual trip to Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary in the US.
  • A chance to meet rescued farmed animals and hear their stories.
  • A great opportunity to learn about different farmed animal species and how much we all have in common.
  • Empowerment to help farmed animals by making compassionate choices for them, the environment and our own health.
  • An opportunity to observe Ahimsa in action!

About Luvin Arms

Luvin Arms is a 501(c)3 nonprofit animal sanctuary for abused or neglected farmed animals in the US. Our rescued residents include cows, pigs, turkeys, chickens, horses, goats, sheep, ducks, and donkeys. 

These beautiful residents were rescued from horrific situations including abuse and neglect cases, factory farms, religious rituals, slaughterhouse-bound trucks, bankrupt farms, and more. 

They now live out their lives in a compassionate environment, free from violence.

What Students Think

“The Springs compassion tour was very informative and awesome. The residents were amazing and their stories shows that animal brutality still exists in this modern world which makes me sad. It’s good to see Organizations like Luvin Arms taking in abandoned animals and giving them a home.”

“Meeting all of the residents at the sanctuary was a remarkable experience for me. Even though it was a virtual tour, I could imagine myself walking on the field watching the animals graze.”

“Truly this trip has changed me, making me aware of the cruelties caused to animals.This sanctuary runs on the funds given by the people who care, care to make a difference to undo the wrongs done to our animal friends.”

Visit With Us

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Shri.Sayyid Duja
Luvin Arms Ambassador (India)
School Visits From India
Phone: +91-9895 824 181

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