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Caregiver Hannah cleaning Arya and Sebastian’s home

At Luvin Arms, rescue is just the beginning. Every animal resident we welcome into our family is promised lifelong, optimal care.

Many of our residents come from abusive, neglectful situations where they had to live in fear, never knowing what kind of future lied ahead. It is our mission to know each resident on an individual level and assess their physical and mental needs so that we can provide them with the best life possible. We want our residents to grow and flourish as individuals, and feel the comfort of having consistently great care, so they never have to relive the trauma they once experienced.

A lot of the standards set for caring for farmed animals are based on industry standards within animal agriculture. As a farmed animal sanctuary, we continue to challenge these standards and create new standards of care based on what farmed animals need to thrive.

Caregivers Willow and Hannah doing health checks with the turkey girls

Each of our animal residents receive specialized care based on their individualized needs. This includes anything from special diets, medications and physical therapy to energy healing and enrichment plans.

Not only is this great for our animal residents, but when people see our animal residents expressing themselves and showing off their unique personalities and intelligence, they feel inspired to make more compassionate lifestyle choices.

We truly believe that when people see our animal residents thriving and connect with them as individuals, we can inspire great change and make an even bigger impact for animals than we could ever do through rescue alone.

Caregiver Thera doing clicker play with Niblet

Care Intern Emily brushing Leroy



  1. Judy Carman

    How can we find videos of the clicker play?

    • Hanna Kircher

      Hi Judy! We regularly post videos of the clicker play on our Facebook and Instagram pages! We’ll also be sharing more of the videos here on our blog 🙂


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