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Are you a teacher or parent looking for a fun educational opportunity for students of all ages? Luvin Arms is offering free virtual field trips where students can virtually meet and learn about our rescued animal residents.

Research shows that kids who learn kindness to animals will likely expand that kindness to their peers and others as they grow up. Practicing empathy for animals can be a great way to help combat problems like bullying in schools. Join arms with Luvin Arms to create a future world of kind human beings by scheduling a virtual field trip to Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary where the animals, human and nonhuman, inspire us all to be our best selves! We believe that the greatest thing we can teach our children is compassion.

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Educational themes on virtual school field trips include…

  • Social Emotional Learning
  • Character Education/Development
  • Humane Education


What do we offer on a virtual field trip?

  • A 15 to 45 minute visit of Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary
  • An opportunity to meet, hear rescue stories from, and learn about 1 to 3 different individual animals and their species. Students and/or teachers can choose who they’d like to meet and learn about. We recommend visiting the cows, pigs, chickens and/or turkeys!
  • Learning the ways in which humans and farmed animals are the same and different. This includes learning about farmed animal physical, cognitive, social and emotional behavior.
  • Learning ways we can help farmed animals in our everyday lives!
Let’s get practical…We know that teachers have a lot on their plates this year with virtual distance learning, which is why we are more than happy to tailor virtual field trips to meet the needs of individual teachers and their students. These needs may include adjusting the length of the time for your field trip along with the content included in the tour. Content can include subjects like animal anatomy, history and heritage of farmed animals/genetics, animal agriculture’s effect on the environment, health with a whole foods plant based diet, just to name a few examples. Tours can be tailored so that they are age appropriate for preschool, elementary or secondary students. Let us know how we can best support your curriculum this year!

Luvin Arms follows a NO FEE philosophy for our Youth Education Programs, such as these virtual school field trips, as we are committed to helping raise a compassionate next generation.

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“I am so moved by the whole experience I had through this visit.”

Meeting all of the residents at the sanctuary was a remarkable experience for me. Even though it was a virtual tour, I could imagine myself walking on the field watching the animals graze.”

“Love what this is doing for animals. Thank you!”

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