Nutrition Presentation: Animal Products on Human Health

Dr Eric Collard Nutrition Talk

Nutrition Presentation: Animal Products on Human Health

Many of us grew up consuming animal products, taking for granted that these were necessary for optimal health, and strong bones and muscle. Were we just duped by savvy marketing and advertising about these products? What are the consequences of what we eat on our health? Dr. Eric Collard will take an in-depth look at how animal and plant foods affect our health and wellness.

Dr. Eric Collard is a board-certified internal medicine physician practicing lifestyle and preventive medicine at Rooted Medicine Wellness Project in Denver. He focuses on prevention and reversal of chronic diseases with nutrition and other lifestyle factors. Dr. Collard‘s goal is to empower patients to regain control over their health, feel their best, and for those experiencing lifestyle-related diseases, to de-prescribe medications and minimize need and expense of the healthcare system.

This event is offered both in-person and online.

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Jan 21 2023


1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
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