Tully's Story

Tully came from a chicken fighting bust in New Mexico. He was found alongside Malu, Han, Ishmael, and Oakley. He stayed at an animal shelter until we could build safe and comfortable homes for him, and the chickens he was found with. Now at Luvin Arms Tully is a talkative boy, always greeting visitors.

Tully is a trooper despite his severe arthritis. He has been making weekly trips to the vet for his stiff hocks and curling toes. When he first came to Luvin Arms, he was angry and aggressive (as an ex-fighting roo would be) but he has warmed up to his caregivers and doctors and now allows them to handle him calmly. He’s bonded with our special needs Cornish hen, Blaze, since living in our medical barn, and the two can often be seen hanging out next to each other on the grassy lawn during the day.

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