Robbie's Story

Robbie was first found at an animal shelter in LA. She was dehydrated and malnourished. Thankfully a kind person saw her at the shelter and fostered her until she found a forever home at Luvin Arms. Robbie’s beak had been mutilated and her comb was cut off which makes us believe she came from a factory farm, used for her eggs. Robbie is now comfortable in her home at Luvin Arms and she enjoys spending her time basking in the afternoon sun.

Robbie is friendly, outgoing, independent, and trusting. She’s very bonded to her flock, but is much more gregarious. One of the stars of our tours, she bravely interacts with human visitors and is curious about them all. She lived with the Shahs when she first arrived, so she is well acclimated to human friendships.

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