Marley Rose's Story

Marley Rose was rescued by Barn Sanctuary when they went to a dairy farm in Wisconsin to rescue another calf with mobility issues. Marley Rose and her twin brother were born that day and were extremely weak. Because of this, they were going to be discarded, so they asked Barn Sanctuary if they could take them in, and thankfully, they were rescued!

They immediately brought them to the vet where they got medical attention. Marley Rose was doing poorly at first, but soon recovered and has thankfully been doing well since. Unfortunately, her twin brother’s health was declining and, after spending weeks at the vet, he sadly didn’t make it.

Marley Rose came home to Luvin Arms at only 7 weeks old, and we spent the night with her and all day playing with her so that she would never feel alone. She is now spending her days having fun with the sheep and her friend Buddha the dog! She is so sweet, curious, and playful!

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