Gracie's Story

Gracie was found on a humane, free range farm where the chickens were being used for their flesh. The farm went bankrupt, and they weren’t able to feed the chickens or heat the barn during a Colorado winter. The birds were found starving and freezing, some even having to resort to cannibalism to live. Thanks to the help of many volunteers, 610 chickens were rescued. We have 12 of them, and the others have been transported to other sanctuaries and loving homes across the country. Gracie came to us with a severe respiratory and bacterial infection, swollen joints, an eye infection, and was unable to stand. The vet prescribed her pain medication, antibiotics, and eye drops. Gracie’s recovery was slow, but with time, she is healing physically and emotionally. Now that she can stand, Gracie loves exploring her forever home.

Gracie is a very sweet and curious girl! She is always one of the first girls to run up to greet visitors. She loves to explore her home and bask in the sun with her friends.




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