Felix's Story

Felix, our Hampshire pig, lived in Colorado Springs at the Rock Ledge Ranch, which is managed by the Colorado Springs Park and Recreation. It is a ‘historical’ ranch, which showcases life in the region in the 1800s. Each year the ranch raises a pair of pigs where visitors can see their growth throughout the year. In November, that pair of pigs is slaughtered and processed into meat and lard, etc., in front of a paying audience. This to demonstrate how vital livestock was to the people. It was shown how each part of the pig was used to add value to the life of that era.

Felix and his friend Franklin, who is now a star in the night sky, were destined for the slaughter demo in 2015. Luckily, someone fell in love with them over time and resolved to save them. A campaign was created to negotiate their release with the City and Ranch Manager, who consented after mounting public pressure.

Felix brings a lot of joy and fun to Luvin Arms. He is very affectionate and enjoys snuggling in the straw with volunteers to get belly or nose rubs. Felix is especially handy with his nose and if a door is not well secured, he just might open it. Felix likes to be the boss of the pigs and is an adept explorer.

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