Belle's Story

We heard about a pregnant mare at a slaughter auction and went with the intention of saving her. The rescue was a success and, soon after arriving at Luvin Arms, it was discovered that Belle wasn’t actually pregnant. Belle’s uterus was enlarged, which made her appear to be pregnant.

Horses are often used as a resource and discarded when no longer needed or too old for utility. Because slaughter of horses is illegal in The United States, horses will normally end up at an auction yard where they will be sold by the pound to individuals who will transport them to slaughter facilities in Canada or Mexico.

Based on Belle’s disposition, it is evident that she was used as a ‘broodmare’, which is a female horse used to produce more babies. In her fifteen years of life before being rescued, it is likely that she has birthed as many as ten to twelve babies. It is also likely that she was no longer sound to have more babies and was being discarded at the slaughter auction.

Belle was sent to the auction with two foals that were also unwanted. Luvin Arms co-founders Shaleen and Shilpi rescued Belle and the foals right before starting the sanctuary. The foals were adopted to loving homes where they are now thriving, and Belle now lives at Luvin Arms along with her friends Jale and Niblet.

Belle is a motherly and caring spirit. She has been like a mother to Niblet since arriving at Luvin Arms.




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