Plant-Based 101 – A New Year A New You!

Veganuary offers the chance to start the new year in a healthy and compassionate way. Incorporating more plant-based foods into your diet is not only easy, but super-tasty, too!

Look at the dishes you regularly prepare and find healthy plant-based substitutions for the animal-based ingredients. What are your favorite things to eat? Burgers? Tacos? Pasta? It’s easy to make any of these dishes plant-based. There’s no need to change everything about your diet; just switch the ingredients to plant-based alternatives.

You’ll learn how to turn some classic breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals into yummy, plant-based dishes.

Plus, we’ll sample some of the latest plant-based products including alternative “meats,” cheeses, and milks. Learn how to make choices that are good for your body, for animals, and the planet!

Sample breakfasts

Tofu scramble & breakfast sausage

JustEgg scramble with Hollandaise sauce

Sample lunches

Chickpea of the sea salad or sandwich

Mac n cheese

Sample dinners

Jackfruit and bean tacos

Mushroom stroganoff (Seitan alternative)

Plant-based burger (homemade or buy)


Learn more about Veganuary and plant-based eating!













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