Team Member

Rob Schubert & Tito

Facilities Specialist

Rob came to Luvin Arms after a long career in facilities management. He managed the Grounds Department at the University of Colorado Boulder for several years and became the Facilities Coordinator for an environmental research institute for 30 years.
A friend and work colleague at the research institute convinced Rob to visit Luvin Arms shortly after his retirement as the sanctuary needed facilities help. That was in 2020, and Rob’s been here ever since. He helps maintain the grounds and occasionally supports with repairs while visiting and connecting with the residents, especially the cows, goats, and pigs.

Favorite Memory With Our Residents:
I frequently bring overripe bananas and banana peels to feed Felix, our senior and ever-hungry pig. Felix has become so used to this ritual that he smells the bananas as soon as I walk into the barn, raises his head, sits up, and occasionally even gets up to meet at his gate. I hand-feed him while he grunts appreciatively. It’s a nice experience for us both.

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