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Marcela is originally from Colombia and moved to the United States in 2017. She has always loved animals, and started participating in activities and actions to protect them since she was about eighteen. She was the president of Fundacion Defensa Animal Colombia for a few years. Marcela uses activism, education, and creative ways to engage with people and sensitize them towards non-human animals.

As a sociologist and psychologist, Marcela has worked with vulnerable families and children in both Colombia and the United States. She is interested in nutritional, zero-waste, and conscious lifestyle topics. During her time off, Marcela enjoys dancing, spending time outdoors, and scrapbooking, as well as spending time with her cat who, by the way, is also Colombian!
Favorite memory with our residents:
I was very new at Luvin Arms, and decided to spend some time with the sheep. I was prepared to be left alone as I knew they were especially shy and nervous, however, they approached me for pets and cuddles. I fell in love with them ever since, and learned that they can be misunderstood animals. The moment became extra special because I was going through a rough personal time, and they gave me the support and unconditional love I needed at the time.

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