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Rescued Pig with people

Madeline Schefke & Ophelia

Resident Care Manager

I moved from Illinois to Colorado to work at Luvin Arms! Since I can remember, I have always had a connection with animals. After graduating college I interned at Animal Place, a farm sanctuary in California. I was able to take care of the residents and get to know their individual personalities. This made me even more passionate about the vegan movement and animal welfare. After returning to Illinois and working at jobs I wasn’t passionate about or happy with, I took a step back and asked myself what I want to do in this life. My heart has always been pulling towards taking care of farm animals! I’m so grateful I am part of this amazing community, and making a difference in the animal’s lives!​

Favorite memory with our residents:
My favorite memory so far has been spending time with the sheep. I love cuddling and petting them. They always try to nudge me or lean on me for more attention, specifically the siblings Jared, Lexine, and Jaclyn. All of them remind me a lot of my dog or rabbit, always trying to get some more snuggles in. They show me that all animals, including humans, not only want love but need love.

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