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Kay McPherson & Kenai

Enrichment Manager & Resident Care Specialist

Kay’s passion for animals first came when helping their grandmother rescue and care for over 30 abandoned cats and kittens in a local shelter. Frequently staying up all night to keep newborn kittens warm and full fostered a deep appreciation for all peoples who work to care for animals everyday.

As a teenager they spent several years volunteering and working for a local wildlife rehabilitation center in Florida, healing and releasing orphaned and injured wildlife such as song birds, raptors, deer, small wild cats, possums. This experience opened their eyes to the importance of wildlife’s role in our ecosystem and how important each species is to maintaining a happy world.

A love for nature and wildlife led Kay to the Zoo Animal Technology Program at Santa Fe College, an hour north of their hometown. There they were able to explore the ways of professional animal care at the only AZA accredited zoo located on a college campus in the nation. Not only did they learn the proper husbandry techniques to provide the best possible care for the animals that they were responsible for, but were able to explore the positives of cooperative care and enrichment to make the animals lives as full as possible.

Compassionate rescue work has been ingrained in their very person and the opportunity to provide the best possible life for the residents at Luvin Arms is their number one priority.

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