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Kate Erstad & Frankie

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Kate is an educator and a specialist in working with older adults. It was while she was working at her “day job” that she took a group to visit Luvin Arms. The visit provided the healing Kate had been searching for after a tragedy involving her dogs several years earlier. Kate had been volunteering at several canine-based charities while trying to heal the hole in her heart that was left from the poisoning of her canine family members. At Luvin Arms, the message of compassion and non-violence toward all living beings felt like something she had waited for her whole life.

Opening her life to being vegan and spreading compassion through being a tour guide at Luvin Arms has meant the world to Kate. She cannot wait for you to come out and experience the beauty and love that she feels every time she gives a tour.

Favorite memory with our residents:
When I first started, it wasn’t as easy to discern all the relationships that existed between the residents. As I come back week after week, I can see the playfulness, the closeness, the squabbles, and the comfort between certain individuals. There is no doubt in my mind that we are all here, humans and animals alike, to seek love, joy, and comfort, and that it is our duty as humans to protect those who cannot protect themselves. It is my distinct honor to be a part of spreading Luvin Arms’ message of Ahimsa.

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