Team Member

Kara Brock & Niblet

Resident Care Manager

Kara first came to Luvin Arms as a college intern in September 2020 to fulfill credit for her Animals and Society Certificate. Since then, she has fallen in love with Luvin Arm’s environment and accepted a position on the care staff. She graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder (Sko Buffs!) with a degree in Environmental Studies and minors in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences and Philosophy. Kara briefly worked with horses when she was younger but otherwise did not spend a lot of time around animals when growing up. She previously worked in construction and had other various jobs through high school. She has always loved working outside and getting her hands dirty. Through Luvin Arms, she has rekindled her love for equines and found a new passion for animals. Outside of work Kara enjoys volleyball, going to concerts, and crafting.

Favorite memory with our residents:
It is hard to think of one specific memory, but a collection of memories that greatly impacted my life is when Sammy first came to Luvin Arms. She was absolutely terrified of humans. I spent many hours each day sitting in her area and gaining her trust. It required a lot of patience and dedication, but seeing her thrive now made it all worth it. She was able to attend many of my Zoom lectures with me and enjoyed licking and chewing on my clothing. I will always cherish those first few months with her, and I could not be more proud of her progress.

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