Team Member

Jen Balsiger

Community Coordinator

Jen is committed to a life of service. As her “day job” she serves the veteran population as an acquisition professional.  At Luvin Arms, she serves non-human animals as an advocate.  Her mission is to help influence a humane world, where all beings feel safe and free.

Favorite memory with our residents:
The Chicken residents have my heart. I work with three Roosters as part of the Enrichment program and it’s fun to see their different personalities.  Ishy is so confident. He’s always ready to play or snuggle when I stop by.  Mushu makes me laugh – he shakes his head side-to-side when something stresses him out.  Oakley loves his personal space but he comes to the door to visit me when he hears my voice! Each day I get to interact with the Chickens and Roosters is a day I go home happy and with a full heart.

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