Team Member

Devon Marshall

Tour Guide

Devon first came to Luvin Arms as a volunteer in 2021 and was thrilled when she later got the opportunity to become more involved with the sanctuary as a tour guide. She has had a lifelong love of all animals and has always had a special fondness for farmed animals. She loves having the opportunity to introduce visitors to farmed animals that they may not have had the chance to interact with before. She also loves sharing their unique personalities and stories with others. Devon’s hope for her tours is that everyone will leave feeling a little bit more love and compassion for the farmed animals of the world and that all visitors to the sanctuary will get to have the amazing experience of hugging a cow.

Favorite memory with our residents:
It’s hard to pick just one favorite memory as I have had so many amazing experiences at Luvin Arms. My absolute favorite is probably getting the chance to hold a tiny, sweet baby piglet when she was just a few days old. She was so trusting of me and just snuggled up in my arms and fell asleep. It was so heartwarming to know that she will know a life of nothing but love and compassion from humans at Luvin arms. I look forward to many more snuggles as I watch her grow up.

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