Team Member

Cassie Baurick

Care Specialist/Social Media Coordinator

Ever since I was a little I’ve had a deep connection with animals. I always knew that animals were going to be a big part of my life I just didn’t know in which way. In 2016 I volunteered at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah and instantly fell in love with farm animals. I knew right away that I wanted to work with farm animals and get to know them on a deeper level. When I moved to Colorado that following year I was looking for a farm animal sanctuary to get involved with and found Luvin Arms. After volunteering for awhile I applied for the animal care internship and became Luvin Arms first animal care intern. From there I worked as a caregiver and throughout the next couple of years I got some outside training in animal massage, energy work, and animal communication. I have worked in a couple different positions at the sanctuary along side being a caregiver. I have worked as the volunteer coordinator and was the animal care manager at one point. I have been a part of the Luvin Arms team for 6 years.

Favorite memory with our residents:

My favorite memory with a resident so far is connecting with and playing with Ophelia. Whenever Ophelia sees me she comes right up to me and makes her sweet hello sounds and I make them back. One of the times that we said hello to each other in this way she got really excited and started swirling around and wanted me to play with her! I started jumping around and playing with her and we had the best time together!

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