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Bailey Parker & Matcha

Manager of Volunteer Services

Bailey’s journey with the sanctuary began in 2020 when she joined as an intern in the education and outreach department. It didn’t take long for her to discover her love of caring for the residents. The following summer, Bailey transitioned to the care team as an intern, showcasing her dedication and passion for the well-being of the sanctuary’s residents.

In August of 2021 Bailey was thrilled to accept a full-time position with the care team, becoming an integral part of the sanctuary’s dedicated team. As her commitment to the cause grew, she expanded her role by taking on the responsibility of training volunteers in May 2022. Over the subsequent months, Bailey’s leadership skills became evident as she gradually assumed more administrative duties within the volunteer program.

Embracing a spirit of continuous growth and learning, Bailey embarked on a new journey in August 2023 by enrolling in a Masters of Arts in Communication program. This personal and professional development period allowed her to recognize her readiness for a career shift.

Bailey’s transition to the role of Manager of Volunteer Services, that officially began on December 1, 2023, is a testament to her evolving passion for community engagement. With a keen interest in fostering relationships and retention, Bailey is determined to enhance and expand the volunteer program. Her goal is to ensure that every volunteer feels valued and acknowledged, making a significant impact on the heart of the sanctuary’s community.

As Bailey shifts her focus from the direct care of residents to the dynamic realm of volunteer management, she brings with her not only a wealth of experience but also a genuine enthusiasm for creating a positive and fulfilling volunteer experience at the sanctuary.

Favorite Memory

“Belle, one of our past horse residents, was the sweetest old lady! I had really been drawn to spending time with her. My favorite memory was when Belle let me braid her hair. At first, I wasn’t sure she was comfortable with me brushing her mane. I held the brush at my side and she nudged it with her nose. I really appreciated her telling me she was ok with it and wanted me to brush her. Afterward, I decided to give her a fun hairdo and put a few braids in her mane. What a BEAUTIFUL soul she was! I have never felt more relaxed than when I spent that time with her.”

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