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Anna and Zena

Anna Rowland & Zena

Resident Care Specialist

Anna grew up in Southern California and always dreamt about working with animals. Growing up, she felt more of a connection with animals than with people.

Anna became a valuable Resident Care Specialist in October 2023, taking on the role of Resident Care Specialist. Prior to joining Luvin Arms, she brought her expertise from the Wild Animal Sanctuary. Anna holds a bachelor’s in Wildlife Biology from CSU-Fort Collins. While working on her bachelor’s, she worked and volunteered at different animal sanctuaries in Colorado.

Anna’s favorite part of caring for the residents is the hands-on work. She enjoys learning more about how to administer medicine, trim hooves, clean wounds, prepare meals, access the residents’ overall health, and so much more! She also loves getting to know all their different personalities and quirks; “from the biggest cow to the smallest chicken, they all have such unique personalities!”

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