Peaches: From Hobby Farm to Healing Place

We are excited to announce the arrival of our newest resident, Peaches. She is our first-ever peafowl resident. Please help us welcome her by reading her inspiring story here, and consider gifting this one-of-a-kind gal with sponsorship.

Peaches the rescued peahen

Peaches was Exposed to the Frigid Colorado Cold

Peaches came to Luvin Arms from a local community member whose neighbor has a hobby farm of peafowl. Peaches was being raised for her eggs and ornamental purposes. 

Colorado just experienced a record-breaking bitter cold winter. In late December 2022, Peaches developed severe frostbite after roosting on a metal bar in a poorly insulated enclosure. In February 2023, her rescuer was able to temporarily take in Peaches while searching for a permanent home.

Peaches' first day

By the time she arrived at Luvin Arms in late February, Peaches had lost her left leg from the knee down, a toe on the right foot, and was covered in lice. Sweet Peaches needed help right away!

(Pictured here: Peaches on her first day at Luvin Arms)

Her Healing Journey Has Begun

During her initial quarantine period, she started a pain management protocol for the very first time since her injuries in December.

Peaches had her first vet visit on March 21st. Unfortunately, she will most likely lose all of the toes on her right foot.

Her healing journey now includes physical therapy (pictured below), helping her to put weight on her legs again. 

Peaches healing
Recovering in the medical barn with snacks and a show (Disney movies are her favorite!)

“She is such a sweet girl and a fighter!” – Madeline Schefke, Resident Care Team Manager

Due to her serious injuries, Peaches will require lifelong specialized medical care. Would you consider sponsoring Peaches the Peahen? Your sponsorship will help give Peaches a chance to live her best possible life here at Luvin Arms, the life she so deserves where all her social, emotional, and medical care needs are entirely met.

Thank you for considering sponsoring Peaches today! And don’t miss her sweet video.

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