Better than Flowers: the Gift of Compassion!

Mother’s Day, May 12th, is right around the corner. Don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate someone special in your life and honor our featured resident mother, Maxine the sheep.

Celebrate Mother’s Day and support the care of our resident mother, Maxine. For a gift of just $25, we’ll send an e-card to you or your gift recipient. We’ll also include a recent photo of Maxine and her 3 children along with their story.

Mother’s Day is a celebration not only for human mothers but for all mothers, including those at Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary. Here, they enjoy the rare opportunity to live together peacefully, contrary to the separation often imposed on sheep and other farmed animals in traditional animal agriculture practices.

Studies reveal sheep’s remarkable intelligence, emotional complexity, and capacity for empathy and friendship. For instance, sheep can remember up to 50 individual faces for years, showcasing impressive cognitive abilities and strong bonds.

At Luvin Arms, Maxine and her offspring thrive in an environment that respects their individuality and nurtures their social bonds, reminding us of the importance of honoring and protecting maternal relationships across species.

Most farmed animals will never know their mothers. Maxine’s children, Jared, Jaclyn, and Lexine, are a few of the fortunate exceptions. Saved from the dairy industry, they are growing up alongside their mother. Your generosity makes this possible! Thank you for your support and Happy Mother’s Day!

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