Donor/Volunteer Spotlight: Cathy Burk

by | Mar 12, 2021 | Latest | 2 comments

Cathy has been a dedicated supporter and volunteer at Luvin Arms for years. She is a talented seamstress and has generously donated her time and resources to create beautiful quilts for our annual Gala auctions, as well as special clothing items for our animal residents who need them.

A year ago, when we found out Lily and Lizzie had aggressive skin cancer on their ears and neck, Cathy immediately offered her help and was communicating with a seamstress all the way in Denmark to help design the perfect protective hats for Lily and Lizzie.

Cathy sewed two amazing, custom hats for the girls, donating her time and resources to create protective gear that has helped the girls safely spend time outside in the sun.

She has also made a custom sling for Blaze, one of our chickens with mobility issues. The sling allows Blaze to comfortably eat and move without putting pressure on her legs.

Cathy is currently working on a velcro “neck guard” for Chai. Chai can sometimes be picked on by the other turkey girls, so we’re creating a neck guard to protect her from having the other girls pick at her feathers without having to separate the girls.

We are beyond grateful for Cathy’s above and beyond support as a volunteer and supporter. She has created invaluable clothing items for our animal residents that have greatly improved their comfortability and quality of life.


  1. Linda Spillmann

    I love this story! Cathy is amazing. If the animals need fabric for future purposes, please let me know. I have a fabric store in Boulder and we’d be happy to donate anything Cathy needs for future sewing projects for your residents.

    Warm regards,
    Linda Spillmann

  2. Mary Russell

    Adorable, pigs and sun protection clothing! Brava Cathy!


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